Ring Road, First Choice of Shivasatakshi Municipality’s Pride Project

Rijan Sapkota
Jhiljhile / The first municipal assembly of Shivasatakshi municipality had decided to build a ring road in the town. The information branch of the municipality has stated that the construction of the ring road has started under the five-year plan after the people’s representatives came to the local level.

Some locals have commented that Ring Road is the mayor’s ambitious plan. Chairman of Ward No. 2, Kul Bahadur Basnet, who is also the city warden along with the mayor Chandra Kumar Sherma, said that the concept of ring road has been unanimously decided by the first municipal assembly to connect every citizen of the city directly with the east-west highway.

Many schemes of Pride of Shivasatakshi municipality are in operation. Along with these plans, Ring Road is the first priority, said Navin Ijam, a spokesperson of the city. He said, “By our own strength, Ring Road is a priority of the city pride project and we will complete it in five years.”

The then CPN-UML had mentioned in its manifesto that it would build a ring road in the municipality and bring agricultural produce from the rural areas to the market and sell it. Mayor Chandra Kumar Sherma was elected as the mayor of Shivasatakshi by the then UML.

The ring road that started from Dharampur passes through Janata Bazaar and is 39 kilometers away from Maidhar. The 9 km road from Maidhar to Dharampur is the Asian Highway. According to Prakash Chaudhary, information officer of the city, 1,500 meters of the road has been blacktopped in Dharampur.

Similarly, the 6 km road up to Shivgunj Canal Chowk has already been constructed by the District Development Committee of Savik. Information Officer Chaudhary said that 22.5 km of roads are yet to be tarred in the city.

The Shivasatakshi municipality wants to blacktop the remaining roads with the budget given to the city by the municipal council, the federal government and the state government for development. In the current fiscal year, the Municipal Council has allocated 60 million ring roads for blacktop. The federal government’s supplement of Rs 30 million and the municipal council’s approval of Rs 30 million will result in a blackout of Rs 60 million.

Dilli Nepal, Assistant Information Officer of the Municipality , said that the road from Shivgunj Bazaar to Bolochowk would be tarred. The blacktop road to be constructed now will be 8 km long. So far, the city has spent Rs 67.4 million to build the ring road, according to the city’s financial administration branch. A trunk road has also been constructed to connect the office of Shivasatakshi Municipality directly from the ring road. The city has spent Rs 42 million for the construction of the trunk road. This expenditure is up to mid-July last year.

Information Officer Chaudhary informed that 49 culverts and 4 box culverts have been completed in the ring road. Along with this, 3 pools have also been constructed. Locals have said that road facilities will be easily accessible to the residents of all areas after the construction of the ring road in the city. After the construction of the ring road, the famous religious and tourist sites of Satakshidham, Domukha and Chillagadh Pokhari, which are popular tourist destinations, will be convenient for both internal and external tourists. According to the locals, the ring road can be used as an alternative route to Dudhe ,Shivgunj, Jhiljhile ,Mahabhara and Dharampur.

Ward Chairperson of Ward No. 4, Adhikchan Tajpuriya, elected from the Nepali Congress, said that the agricultural produce produced in the village could be transported to the big market connected to the East-West Highway after the construction of the ring road. ‘Once the Ring Road is built in the city, the income level of the farmers will skyrocket. Wards No. 4 and 5 of the town bordering southern Gauradaha and Gauriganj are the majority wards of the indigenous community. Most of the residents of the ward are involved in agriculture. If the agricultural products produced by them reach the big market of the district from easy roads, the income will increase easily, ‘said ward chairperson Tajpuriya.

Ward Chairperson of Ward No. 5 Satya Narayan Rajbanshi also agreed with the statement of Ward Chairperson Tajpuriya. He said, “The ward chairperson and executive board members representing the city are not worried about the city pride scheme.” The Shivasatakshi Municipality has put forward the construction of Dudhe Stadium, Jhiljhile Bus Park, Ring Road, Fast Track connecting Satakshidham to Domukha and Dudamari wetland area under the city pride scheme. All these plans are included in the election manifesto of the then CPN-UML.

Even though the municipality has put forward a city pride plan, the lawmakers representing Shivasatakshi in the Union and State Assemblies have not spent the amount of the Election Infrastructure Development Fund. Federal MP LP Saawa Limbu, state MPs Hira Thapa and Jhalak Bahadur Darlami Magar did not invest the amount of election infrastructure development fund in the city’s pride scheme, said a ward chairperson. He said, “The honorable persons haven’t chosen the plan of Municipality pride in their own recommendation. The city is bringing the budget in its own strength by coordinating with the central government. Therefore, the plans of Shivasatkshi Pride are in operation.

After the construction of the ring road in the city, some of the city dwellers who have been displaced due to inconvenience of transportation have returned to their own villages. Ward Chairperson Punya Sapkota said that 13 families have returned to Ward No. 3 and Ward No. 2.The villagers are happy to see 10 wheelers speeding instead of four wheelers. Rama Neupane, a local, said, “There have been comments on social media that the government has not been able to work, only corruption. If we look at the development of Shivasatakshi Nagar, the allegations seen on social media are false. ‘

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